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Published: Sunday, January 4, 2015

Frost & Sullivan’s Top 15 for 2015
Predicting the top 15 ideas and innovations that will shape our world in the coming year

Our Visionary Innovation Team is proud to unveil its Top 15 Predictions for 2015. These predictions will define everyday living, shape business and the macro-economic dynamics in the coming year.

View the Top 15 Predictions for 2015

As part of the Top 15 predictions, in 2015 our Visionary Innovation Team expect to see:

  • A wide spectrum of changes to commercial models for cities, and new trends such as peak physical currency and social forms of corporate models and wellness concepts to develop
  • Emergence of millennial leaders and women focussed strategies
  • Connectivity and convergence to continue to dominate the agenda. Enabling concepts such as the hyper-connected consumer, networked communities and new B2B eCommerce models to emerge
  • New macro trends to transpire which will provide faster trade liberalization, transparency in policies and processes

View the Top 15 Predictions for 2015

Our short-term predictions are an integral part of our long-term innovation work that we do as a part of our Mega Trends program.

Have a wonderful 2015.

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